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Music Mixer ATX is a live performance event for musicians seeking bandmates, produced by a community of musicians, artists, and creators who share the goal of growing the live music scene in Austin and beyond. #MusicMixerATX

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How the Mixer Works

What to expect when signing up for the next #MusicMixerATX event.

1. Reserve Your Spot

Reserve a Performer Ticket and suggest songs for the event playlist. Make sure you're on the lookout, spots fill up fast!

2. Select Songs from the Playlist

As the event approaches, you'll receive an email with the playlist and select 3-6 songs you'd like to play. Playing the songs you select is not guaranteed, but it is how we group you with other musicians.

3. Arrival and Check In

We recommend arriving on time! We only group you with other musicians once you arrive so bands don’t get held up waiting for late members.

4. Meet Your Bandmates

Talk with the musicians in your band to decide which songs to play for your set, whether it’s the songs you called out or others that aren't on the playlist.

5. Rock Your Set

Enjoy the jams with your band for the night!

6. Follow @MusicMixerATX

We release professional photographs, live recordings and info for the next Mixer you don't want to miss. Check your email, join the Facebook group, or follow us on Instagram!

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We partner with venues and businesses that share our mission of growing the live music community in Austin and lowering the barriers of entry. We’re always looking for new ways to collaborate and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Reach out to partner with us, or to request a full press kit, by emailing We love our partners!

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